Friday, March 7, 2014

Saturday after Ash Wednesday

As I read through these scriptures for today for the fifth or sixth time, I realized they are about love . . . tough love. I had just read Isaiah 49:15 that though, if a woman could forget her child, even so, God will not forget us. Then I turned to these scriptures to see, once again, that God is always bringing us back into His loving arms. If we live our lives according to the law of love, we can right wrongs, end injustice, and truly make this world a place that is safe and comfortable for all God’s children. 

Help us, Lord, never to lay down the sword of justice, and let us remember that we are in You as You are in the Father, and You both are in us, that we all may be one.  Amen. 

— Mary Carolyn Lawson

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