Wednesday, March 12, 2014

First Thursday in Lent

Knowing about God
is easier than knowing God.
And, for many decades,
I have wavered in thought
on that matter—
never certain what I believe
at any time.
Stories have long been important to me
over a sweep of years,
ranging from fascinating
to downright ridiculous!
From this fascination   
I remain aware the Bible
is a special book—
some of it fact,
some truth,
and often I am not sure
which parts are which.
Perhaps life’s key was my teen-age baptism;
special at the surface,
because it was on Mother’s Day
and I was with friends—
all convinced this formality
was essential
to join an important group
known as the church.
Most significantly, 
as I emerged from the baptismal water,

I was strongly aware of two messages:
“Doug, you are special,”
and in thoughts quite as clear,
“And so are others.”
Over the years, from this duality,
I became convinced
that church is community,
with all it strengths
and weaknesses—
always needing to be strengthened
even as it nurtures me.
Church—or religion itself —
is a tiny part of creation
with its almost endless space,
countless stars and planets—
yet with individual consciousness.
And there I reach my limit!
Why, I ask, is it that I experience life
in many details
about me—
but so little about even
my closest others?

Mystery remains!
Not a puzzle to be solved,
but a gift to be enjoyed.

Doug Vest

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