Monday, April 14, 2014

Saturday in the Fifth Week of Lent

Psalm 42      Exodus 10:21 – 11:8      2 Corinthians 4:13-18      Mark 10:46-52

The readings spoke to me of faith. Longing for faith (my soul thirsts for God), trusting and having faith (Moses doing as God bids and finding that it is as God said), faith spoken of in a letter (It is written I believe. . . since we have the same spirit of faith), being healed simply by having faith (Rabbi, I want to see . . . Jesus said, ‘Go, your faith has healed you’)
And so I wonder—what of my own faith? It is easy to believe and have faith when things are going smoothly. I am full of thanksgiving and simple prayers for others. Perhaps this is not so when faced with a challenge. Then I am feeling abandoned by God, often lost in anger, fearful of the outcome. Yet this is when I find I most deeply get in touch with my faith. When I cry out to the Lord and He gives me direction, leading me out of the darkness. When I can articulate my faith and am assured that all will be well even if it may not appear so. When I feel whole once again, simply because I believe. . . .

The storm comes
Without warning
A torrent of
Faith falls
Shattered by the power
Lost, I grasp for hope
Seeking answers
Finding none
Finally EGO turns away
Allowing God
I see at last
Faith standing by the door,
Welcoming me home.

— Anne Cressin

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