Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday in Holy Week

Psalm 36:5-11      Isaiah 42:1-9      Hebrews 9:11-15      John 12:1-11

The readings today led me to think of Judas. Jesus rebuked him for important reasons and often we dismiss him in this story to focus on Mary, Martha, Lazarus, and Jesus. Is it possible that we are sometimes like Judas? I’d like to ask you to think past the portrayal as thief and think of it as though his suggestion was to genuinely benefit the poor. His timing was lousy but imagine just for a moment that his motives were not to fill his own pockets.

I’m thinking of a fellow that could just be making an altruistic suggestion then walking away from the situation for someone else to work out the details. Maybe this fellow sounds like a colleague of yours, a friend, or a sibling. You know, that person loaded with one noble suggestion after another who doesn’t quite know or care about the underpinnings involved.

It is easier for me to make sense of Judas by taking him out of context than comprehending his heinous behavior during that moment in Mary and Jesus’ relationship. I can think of examples when I’ve been quick to suggest the high road when I may not be so good at following my own advice if the tables were turned.

It is here where our reading of today’s Psalm, the book of Isaiah, and the letter to the Hebrews may bring some solace. In closing, I offer a prayer using elements of today’s other readings.

Oh Lord, we open our hearts and minds to our eternal redemption and your glory. May our faith guide us to a consciousness purified by Jesus. May we find freedom in our hardships. May we open our eyes to love and our ears to your quiet voice. May we humbly discern your appeal for justice and righteousness through our fellowship with the Holy Spirit; through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

—  Darren Ball

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